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Farm Environment Plan templates

The FAR Farm Environment Plan (FEP) is designed to help New Zealand arable farmers meet their compliance expectations while enhancing the sustainability and profitability of their farm businesses.

National regulations around what exactly will comprise a Freshwater Farm Plan are still being developed. However, several regional councils already have rules in place around farm planning. This means, that depending on the region in which you farm, your FEP requirements will vary from region to region.

FAR’s FEP modules currently focus on Freshwater and Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Some versions are relevant to specific regions e.g. Canterbury or specific issues e.g. winter grazing, while others are generic guides on how to begin the FEP process.

Each FEP module aims to assist farmers to answer four key questions;

  • What are my environmental risks?
  • What am I currently doing to manage those risks?
  • What could I do better?
  • How do I prove that I have taken the appropriate steps to manage my risks positively?

For each of the different areas of farm management in the template, farmers will need to assess environmental risk and think about a plan to mitigate that risk. Not all modules, nor all sections within them, are relevant to all farms. For example, not all arable farms will need to consider the impact of irrigation or of animal effluent. Select the modules and sections within them which are appropriate to develop a tailored plan for your property and farm business.

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