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Our Research

FAR's research and extension strategy is developed in conjunction with growers and industry with emphasis on developing a balanced portfolio to address issues facing cropping farmers in both short and long term time frames. FAR encourages collaborative investment in research and extension with other industry groups or companies both nationally and internationally. This may involve joint resourcing with expertise sourced from a number of research businesses including FAR.

FAR Annual Research Results 2018/19

The Annual Research Results booklet is a comprehensive publication summarising the results of a large portion of FAR's research in the 2018/19 year.

The booklet is split into sections covering Cereal, Seed, Other Crop, Maize and Environmental research. In total there are around 55 reports. Not all projects are included; for example, the Maize and Cereal Performance Trials are published in different booklets, while projects such as the AIMI survey are not considered part of our research programme.

This publication would be very costly to print and send to all levy payers, however, if you would like a printed version, please contact FAR, and we will send one to you.

Click here to read the Annual Research Results booklet for 2018/19.

FAR Research Strategy (revised 2019)

2019-2020 Research Portfolio

FAR's 2019-20 research portfolio includes 79 proposed projects spread across three main themes:

  • Maximising the productivity and value of cropping
  • Meeting environmental and social best practice
  • Resilient farming systems

The document below lists the current projects, providing details around trial objectives, locations and time frames, as well as links to related research. For more information contact GM Research, Andy Pitman.

Click here to read the 2019-20 Research Portfolio