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FAR Focus 12 - Integrated Pest Management

FAR-focus-12-coverRoutine use of broad-spectrum insecticides can result in insecticides being applied unnecessarily, the enhanced development of insecticide resistance and the loss of beneficial insects. This in turn can lead to pest outbreaks and increased dependence on insecticides. Integrated pest management (IPM) offers an opportunity to move away from a routine broad-spectrum insecticide-based approach to pest management. Over the past few years, the number of pest management options available to farmers has increased due to the greater availability of selective insecticides. Farmers may also be more familiar with natural enemies of the pests in question and may be more inclined to only use these insecticides when required.

This FAR Focus summarises nine years of IPM research in arable crops from three projects funded by the Ministry for Primary Industries Sustainable Farming Fund. Information is split into five sections:

  • Biological control
  • Cultural control
  • Chemical control
  • Monitoring and decision making
  • A cereal case study (wheat)

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