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Adding Value To The Business of Cropping

Where does our food come from?

Learning Intentions:

    Students will be able to
  • identify the different stages in the production of common foods
  • place picture cards in the correct order to show these stages        
  • recognise the original form of the food in its primary stage of production
  • form a basic understanding of the role of the land in food supply.

What You Will Need:

  • Download the card set shown to the left. The link is below the picture.
  • The following are sample pages from the set:

What to do

This activity uses 'learning cards' to develop the notion of 'where our food comes from', starting from its production on the land.

The colourful cards can be used in multiple ways. Follow the instructions and tips on the first page of the pdf file. It shows how the cards can be used in sequencing the steps in the food chain of easily recognisable, everyday foods.

Our food sequence cards pdf download (17 pages, 2.9 MB, bilingual) 

Hints and tips

  • All the pages should be printed 'backed', on A4 sheets (or optionally print on A3 sheets using the 'fit to page' option in your print dialogue window).
  • Print on light card so the sheets can be easily laminated.
  • Develop a system for storing the cards and the smaller cut-outs. Check that all the parts are returned before storing.