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Bean germination masters

Learning Intentions:

    Students will be able to:
  • recognise and name the main parts of a seedling and plant.

What You Will Need:

  • Optional: scissors, colouring pencils, felt pens
  • Optional: knitting wool
  • Optional: poster paper or butcher's paper for a background.

Bean germination masters

Multipurpose photocopy masters showing the main stages of bean plant germination.

Click the picture to download the pdf (3 A4 pages).

Hints and tips

  • Photocopy for individual use.
  • Cut out the stages. Work with children to find out 'Which comes next?' Why? Place them in order.
  • Make a large scale poster for the wall. Use wool to connect the stages.
  • Colour the pictures realistically.
  • Find out about what is happening at each stage.
  • Enlarge and colour for a wall poster.

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