Resilient Cropping

Resilience is the ability to cope with adverse events.

Farms handle adverse events better if the soil is healthy, water available, and infrastructure (and capital) in place. And the reverse is true too. Beaten up soils, lack of water, inadequate or poorly maintained infrastructure and high gearing leaves a farm (and its people) at higher risk when bad things happen.

The main focus of "Resilient Cropping" is preparing for adversity such as extreme weather events, fuel cost spikes and restricted access to irrigation water.

The "Resilient Cropping" initiative aims to build resilience into crop farming. It is a joint venture between FAR, LandWISE, Horticulture NZ and Tahuri Whenua the Maori Vegetable Growers Collective. The work is funded by the Ministry for Primary Industries.

PDFs of Resilient Cropping fact sheets are available below.

Resilient Cropping Fact sheets: