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Adding Value To The Business of Cropping

Research Strategy

FAR's research and extension portfolio supports our vision of “A vibrant and profitable arable sector producing healthy, value-added food, feed and seed." Research is split between three themes: Maximising productivity and value; Environmental and social best practice; and Resilient cropping in farming systems. Each year, in consultation with growers up and down the country, we review and update the short, medium and long term projects within each theme.

Maximising productivity and value

Approximately 40% of FAR's research investment is focused on maximising productivity and value of our cropping systems, with the majority targeted to crop agronomy and pest management.

Theme leader: Richard Chynoweth.

Environmental and social best practice

Approximately 20% of FAR's research investment is targeted at delivering environmental and social best practice. A large proportion of the investment in this theme is aimed at supporting the sustainable management of inputs.

Theme leader: Diana Mathers. View the Environmental and Social Best Practice Strategy.

Resilient cropping in farming systems

Approximately 20% of FAR's research budget is intended to deliver resilient cropping in farming systems, with the largest investments in managing pesticide resistance and identifying future alternatives to at-risk chemistry.

Theme leader: Andrew Pitman.