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Adding Value To The Business of Cropping

Research and Extension Strategy

FAR has five distinct research goals, and within them, a further five research themes. Research projects are developed to meet one or more of these goals and themes.

Research goals:

  1. New innovative products
  2. Sustainably produced feed and food for livestock industries
  3. Building better and more robust farms (environmental focus)
  4. Improving farm viability (crop productivity focus)
  5. Delivering benefits and outcomes

Research themes:

  • Reducing cost
  • Improving yield
  • Adding value
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Innovation

Key issues

Key areas of research FAR is investing in currently include:

  • Understanding and developing management strategies to minimize the risk of agrichemical resistance.
  • Measuring, monitoring and managing the efficiency of inputs in cropping systems.
  • Developing new crops and products to improve farm profitability.
  • Providing effective tools to manage, store and report farm practices.
  • Providing new solutions to manage crops and increase yields.

Further information about FAR and its research capability fan be found in the FAR Profile.