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FAR conducts research on grass grub, slugs and Argentine stem weevil. Arable crops are at the mercy of many pests and FAR aims to develop strategies for efficient pest management and crop protection.


Grass grub

The chemical control of grass grub is increasingly becoming no longer viable. Trials with biological control agents have produced some promising results.

Integrated management of slugs

This is a Sustainable Farming Fund project awarded to FAR in 2014 to develop new strategies to control slug damage in crops.

Argentine stem weevil

The parasitoid used to control Argentine stem weevil is no longer providing adequate control of the weevil. FAR has joined forces with AgResearch, Dairy NZ, Beef + Lamb and the Sustainable Farming Fund in a three year project studying the change in parasitism and its impact on farmers. New strategies will be developed to manage Argentine stem weevil given the decrease in parasitism.