Invoice Date:

GST No. 63 625 078

Payment Term: 7 days from invoice date

Research Levy Return: Arable Crops (Excluding Maize)

The following constitutes all levies deducted from all first point of sale or transfer of arable crops sold for the month(s) and year indicated, hereby declared by the individual completing the return.

Company / Reseller Name:

Period of this Return:

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Crop Year Weight Price / Unit Total Value Rate Total Levy
Subtotal NZD $0.00
+ GST NZD $0.00
Total NZD $0.00
less 1% optional collection fee - $0.00
All amounts on this invoice are in NZD Total Payment to FAR NZD $0.00
Please pay your levy by internet banking.
Transfer payment to: Foundation for Arable Research, ANZ # 06-0501-0657860-25.
Levy due: NZD $0.00
Reference: (please include reference number)