Research and Extension Projects

FAR has numerous research projects in Australia that involve working with many collaborators. Research funding comes from the wider Australian grains industry, Grain Research Development Corporation (GRDC) and the Australian Government. These projects have resulted in FAR having an extensive network of research and farming group contacts across Australia.


Hyper-yielding Cereals

A GRDC funded project which aims to increase average red feed wheat yields in Tasmania from 4.4 t/ha to 7t/ha by 2020 and to have 10% of commercial Tasmanian feed wheat crops yielding 14t/ha by 2020. Research results are presented annually at a major field day. Information presented can be read below.Annual events and results booklets .

2018 Wheat germplasm x fungicide results - Time of sowing 26 April

2018 Wheat germplasm x fungicide results - Time of sowing 5 April

2018 Results and Presentations

2017 Results and Presentations

2016 Results and Presentations

2017 Hyper Yielding Wheat Results Report to GRDC

Hyper Yielding Wheat update - Campbell Town

Dr Steve Jefferies from the GRDC talks about the HYW project

Provisional 2018 Time of sowing yield results

Carbon Farming Initiative

An Australian Government funded programme looking at developing management strategies for reducing nitrous oxide emissions in broad acre cropping.

Collaborators: Queensland University of Technology, SPAA, Riverine Plains and Hart Farming Group.

New Fungicide Actives

A GRDC funded project working with agrichemical manufacturers to introduce fungicides with new modes of action.

Collaborators: Centre for Crop Disease Management (CCDM), Curtin University.

Integrated Fungicide Management

This project examining the interaction between cultivars carrying known Adult Plant Resistance (APR) genes and new generation fungicides.

Collaborators: Australian Cereal Rust Control Programme (ACRCP), Sydney University

Northern Region Irrigated Grain project

Research dedicated to improving the agronomy of irrigated what in Northern NSW and Queensland.

Collaborators: CSIRO – project leaders.

GRDC Stubble Initiative project

A project looking at improving the performance of no till cropping in the Riverine Plains region on the NSW/Victoria border.

Collaborators: Riverine Plains Farming Group.

GRDC Time of Sowing

This project aims to improve the performance of early sown wheat using Near Isogenic Lines (NILs) to identify the perfect “ideotypes" for early planting.

Collaborators: CSIRO (project leaders), Birchip Cropping Group and Southern Farming Systems.

National Variety Trial (NVT) Extension

A small project where FAR Australia are extending the regional results from the NVT in the high rainfall region and North-east region of Victoria.

Collaborators: Birchip Cropping Group (Mallee and Wimmera regions).

Foliar fungicides for barley and faba beans

Trials to evaluate experimental foliar fungicides in barley and faba beans.

Collaborators: Agrichemical manufacturer.

Foliar fungicides for Septoria and Tan spot control

Trials to evaluate experimental foliar fungicides for Septoria and Tan spot control.

Collaborators: Agrichemical manufacturer.