About FAR Australia

FAR has been operating in Australia as a research provider to the cropping industry for over 10 years and currently collaborates in a wide range of research projects with a number of different organisations including CSIRO, universities, state departments and farming groups nationwide. 2012 saw the establishment of a new business in Australia, Foundation for Arable Research (FAR) Australia Ltd (ACN 159 209 480). Based at Inverleigh, near Geelong in Victoria, FAR Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of FAR New Zealand and has been set up as a not for profit organisation.

FAR Australia's primary objectives are to provide research project management, research, extension and training services to the Australian grains industry and to foster better research and extension linkages between the Australian and New Zealand agricultural research sectors. FAR places considerable emphasis on quality research outcomes, excellence in field trial research and extension. The organisation is actively involved in research, extension, training and trials group mentoring.