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Adding Value To The Business of Cropping

Calculating costs of production

As fuel, fertiliser and agrichemical costs increase, having a good handle on the full cost of producing any given crop is becoming more important than ever. Costs of production (COP) help to predict your crop’s likely profit margins, and can, in turn, inform decision making when considering signing up for crop contracts.

FAR has produced an Excel template that growers can use to help them predict crop production costs and gross margins. The template includes completed exemplars for the following crops: North Island maize grain and silage, South Island milling wheat, feed wheat, perennial ryegrass seed and white clover seed. These exemplars can be used for guidance and reference.

This simple COP tool is ideal for quick one-off calculations. However, if you want a complete crop management tool with multiple functions including farm maps, crop inputs and outputs, gross margins, chemical storage inventory, resistance management guidance etc you should consider ProductionWise®. ProductionWise® provides a one stop shop for recording and reporting all things related to arable crop production, management, storage and sales.

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