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Winter grazing review - have your say

The government is proposing changes to the winter grazing regulations introduced last year. These changes are aimed at making it more practical to comply with the regulations while still managing the effects of intensive winter grazing activity.

Consultation on proposed changes to intensive winter grazing regulations started on Thursday, 26 August and will run for six weeks until Thursday, 7 October 2021.

MPI are asking for feedback on the proposed changes, which include amendments to manage the effects of pugging, to require paddocks be resown as soon as possible rather than by a set date, and to protect critical source areas.

MPI have also proposed delaying the introduction of the regulations until 1 November 2022, in order to provide farmers certainty, and more time to adjust their practices and planting choices, or obtain resource consent if needed, ahead of the 2023 winter grazing season.

To read the discussion document and make a submission, click here.

To read the Ministerial PR please click here.