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Time running out for conference registrations

FAR Conference registrations close early next week and organiser Anna Heslop says that numbers to date are mirroring those of FAR’s 2019 conference when demand for seats outstripped supply.

“We can only seat 300 people in the venue at Lincoln University, and much as we hated turning people away, it’s what we had to do last time. My advice to anyone who wants to attend this year, is to register immediately.”

The conference is divided into three indoor sessions, based on FAR’s research themes: Future-proofing arable production, Responsible arable production and Maximising arable profitability, a half day field trip and a conference dinner.

Keynote presentations addressing ‘How to feed New Zealand without feeling guilty’ (Gavin Kerr, AGCARM), ‘Meeting greenhouse gas reduction targets’ (Harry Clark, the NZ Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre) and ‘The meteoric rise of plant protein – an Asian focus’ (Jade Gray, Plant Tech Nation) are already attracting a lot of interest. In the general programme, growers will also be keen to learn more about progress with cereal endophytes (John Caradus, Grasslanz), novel tools for slug pests (Rory McDonnell, Oregon State University) and the conclusions from six years of fluxmeter monitoring on arable farms across New Zealand (Diana Mathers, FAR).

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