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Biosecurity Levy

Arable growers, via Seed and Grain Readiness and Response Inc (SGRR), are part of the Government Industry Agreement (GIA) for biosecurity readiness and response. SGRR signed the GIA Deed in June 2020. In agreeing to be part of SGRR, arable growers, processors, and distributors of arable crops also supported the use of a Biosecurity Response Levy to fund response activities.

SGRR proposes that the Biosecurity Levy for arable crops will be zero (0) rated until such time as an SGRR endorsed response is initiated. At that time, if required, a Biosecurity Levy will be applied to the crop grouping (e.g. non-forage seeds, cereals, maize and forage seed) affected by the pest (s) and will be no more than 1% of the crop's total value at the first point of sale.

In the next month, FAR will be consulting with growers, via their regional ARGs, to gain a mandate to submit our proposal to GIA to set the levy at zero. If you would like to know more about the Biosecurity Levy and how it may be actioned, please get in touch with FAR via phone or email.