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Freshwater and Farm Environment Plans

Essential Freshwater Package

The Essential Freshwater Package has raised a lot of questions across all New Zealand farm sectors.

FAR has run two meetings explaining the new regulations and how they may impact on arable farms. We haven't been able to run them right across New Zealand, so if you haven't been able to attend, check out the material below which was presented at those meetings.

Abie Horrocks, FAR environment researcher, outlines the key points of the essential Freshwater package, including the:

  • Refreshed National Policy Statement - Freshwater Management (NPS-FM)
  • National Environmental Standard for Freshwater (NES-FW) - includes intensive winter grazing rules and N cap
  • Amendments to the Resource Management Act

View Abie's presentation

Revisiting Farm Environment Plans

In the video below, Diana Mathers, FAR farm systems researcher, outlines the impacts of the new rules on Farm Environment Plans (FEP). FEP templates are also attached below. There is one generic arable FEP, and 'add-on' modules for Selwyn Te Waihora, Waitaki and for winter grazing.

For more information visit the Environment Canterbury Frequently Asked Questions page.