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  • Alison Stewart


  • Andrew Pitman

    General Manager - Research, Development & Extension
  • Ivan Lawrie

    General Manager - Business Operations
  • Melanie Bond

    Executive Assistant to CEO
  • Anna Heslop

    Communications Manager
  • Melanie Bates

    Finance Manager
  • Abie Horrocks

    Research Manager - Environment
  • Allister Holmes

    Research & Extension Team Leader
  • Diana Mathers

    Research Manager - Farm Systems
  • Harry Washington

    Industry Graduate
  • Jen McCulloch

    Field Research Officer
  • Joanna Owers

    Administration Assistant
  • Jo Drummond

    Senior Field Research Officer
  • Lauren McCormick

    Field Research Officer
  • Lucy McPherson

    Comms & Events Coordinator
  • Matilda Gunnarsson

    Senior Field Research Officer
  • Owen Gibson

    Senior Research Officer
  • Phil Rolston

    Senior Research Advisor
  • Richard Chynoweth

    Research Manager - Herbage
  • Sam McDougall

    Senior Field Research Officer
  • Steven Payne

    Field Research Officer
  • Tabitha Armour

    Field Research Officer