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Levies & Annual Returns

Arable Commodity Levy

An Arable Commodity Levy is collected at the first point sale for all grain and seed, with the exception of maize which is collected on the seed purchased.

The FAR levy rates are as follows:

  • Maize: $1.00 per 10,000 seeds purchased.
  • Herbage and amenity seed: 0.9% of sale value.
  • All other grain and seed crops (cereals, pulses etc.): 0.9% of sale value.
  • Cereal silage: $10.00/hectare.
  • Open pollinated vegetable seed crops, 0.9% of sale value.
  • Hybrid vegetable seed crops, 0.6% of sale value.

FAR also receives funds from research grants, co-operative research and information sales.

Annual Return

It is a legal requirement for all growers of arable crops, maize and cereal silage crops to complete an Annual Return Form and submit to FAR every year, under the Commodity Levies Act 1990 and the Arable Crops, Maize and Cereal Silage Orders 2018.

FAR Cyclone Gabrielle Maize Levy Refund

The Commodity Levies (Maize) Order 2018 (LI 2018/82) states that “If the grower has already paid the levy in relation to a maize crop that cannot be harvested due to flooding or other climate-related disasters, FAR must refund the amount of the levy paid”.

As such, following this year's weather events in the North Island, FAR has set up a Maize Levy Refund Claim Process. All North Island growers will receive a letter and claim form. Further information about this process, including a claim form can be found on the FAR website here. Alternatively, please email for further information.

Claim applications will close on 30 June 2023.