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Women in Arable

Women in Arable was formed in 2001 when a cluster of Canterbury women promoted a business-orientated discussion group for rurally based women involved in arable farming. It continues to receive the exceptional support of arable women in the Canterbury region.

Women in Arable consists of more than 70 members with an average of 25 members attending each monthly meeting. Historically these meetings have taken place in Ashburton, a central location for most members.

Anna Heslop of FAR is the group's facilitator. FAR provides an array of presentation opportunities from high profile and well-respected industry representatives, which in turn have allowed the women to become more involved in the day-to-day running of their businesses.


  • The group gets together nine times per year, from March through to November. This allows for a break over the holiday and harvest seasons when many members have other commitments.
  • Our members are motivated and committed to learning more about their industry. A meeting is held at the start of each year to summarise the key learning points from the previous year and to brainstorm new ideas for the year ahead.

For more information about Women in Arable please contact Anna Heslop.

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