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Arable Ys

Are you generation Y (35ish or under)? Are you involved in arable farming? Are you interested in up-skilling in all areas of arable farming business?

If you answered yes to these questions, then FAR may have just what you're looking for… Arable Ys is a FAR initiative aimed at building confidence in, and creating opportunities for, the next generation of arable farmers. Organiser, Richard Chynoweth says Arable Ys fills an identified gap in the arable industry knowledge chain.

“We found that the huge majority, over ninety percent in fact, of growers attending FAR field days and events were over the age of 35. There was nothing available for younger farmers and staff, so we formed Arable Ys. Arable Ys meets monthly and the meetings are tailored to the needs and knowledge gaps of this younger and less experienced group of growers."

Meetings are generally held on the third Wednesday evening of the month in the Ashburton Hotel, however daytime on-farm meetings are also included in the schedule and have proved very popular. Evening topics might cover issues such as weed and pest control, water and nutrient management, and fungicide strategies, while on-farm sessions look at crop choices, rotations and systems.

In 2018 FAR co-ordinated an Arable Ys trip to the UK and Europe where the group visited Cereals, the UK's premium cropping field days, as well as farms, agrichemical companies, machinery manufacturers and seed companies in France, Germany and Denmark. Previous trips included a South Island tour in 2016 and a visit to young growers and research organisations on the east and west coasts of the USA in 2015.

Arable Ys provides an excellent opportunity for younger arable farmers, staff and industry personnel to up-skill in a comfortable environment whilst also having the opportunity to socialise with their industry counterparts. There is no joining fee and you can come to as many or as few events as you like. We send out invitations to all levy payers each month, so keep an eye out or contact FAR on 03 345 5783.

Find out more about upcoming events by following Arable Ys on Facebook.