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Adding Value To The Business of Cropping

Business Strategy

The FAR Business Strategy aligns with and underpins FAR's Research and Extension Strategy and contribute to FAR's key goal of creating new knowledge, tools and technologies to support responsible and profitable farming. FAR's strategic objectives include:

Responsible and profitable arable farming

FAR will support NZ arable farmers to enhance the profitability of their cropping systems while protecting and enhancing the natural environment for the benefit of current and future generations.

Building sector capability for the future

FAR will support capability building in the arable sector to ensure a foundation of skilled, fit for purpose growers is available to meet the sector's future needs.

Connecting growers with new technologies and tools

FAR will provide growers with new knowledge, technologies, and tools that deliver on-farm efficiencies and innovations for enhanced profitability and resilience.

Respected and independent

FAR will be recognised and respected by the arable sector for conducting quality research that delivers benefits to arable farm systems.