Arable Research Groups

Current Arable Research Groups (ARG) are listed below with one board member appointed from each region. Members of the Strategic Research Committee are indicated as (SRC) and Incorporated Society Member as (IS).

Northern North Island (NNI)

Board Member: Alan Henderson (IS)

ARG members
John Austin, Michael Blennerhassett, Tony Brown, Grant Dixon, Greg Edmeades, Ian Gavin (IS), Chris Glassey, Kevin Hickey, Colin Jackson (IS), Colin Mackinnon, Chris Pellow, Rowland Tsimba, David Wordsworth, Mark Ernest.

South Western North Island (SWNI)

Board Member: Paul Mackintosh (IS)

ARG members
Michael Abbiss, Hew Dalrymple (IS), David Dempsey, Russell Fleming (IS,SRC), Douglas Giles, Tim Gorton, Richard Green, Tim Harris, Andrew Russell, Alan Taylor.

Eastern North Island (ENI)

Board Member: Hugh Ritchie (IS, SRC)

ARG members
Simon Campbell, Richard Dakins, Mark Guscott, Paul Oliver, Patrick Nicolle, Ewan Powdrell, Ed White, Simon White (IS), Michael Williams (IS), Nathan Williams.

Northern South Island (NSI)

Board Member: David Birkett (Chairman of FAR Board) (IS)

ARG members
Dennis Carter, Chris Draper, Andrew Gillanders, Douglas Gough, Jim Macartney (SRC), Tim Macfarlane, Graeme Marshall, Rodney May, Matthew McEvedy (IS), Tony Redmond, Quentin Withell, Earl Worsfold (IS).

Mid Canterbury (MC)

Board Member: Dave Grant (IS)

ARG members
Steve Bierema, Malcolm Cairns, Tim Dale, John Evans, Randal Hanrahan, Brian Leadley (IS), Lynette Lovett, Craige Mackenzie, Bede McCloy, Colin Maw, Anton Nicholls, Ross Polson, Eric & Maxine Watson (IS), Hamish Marr, Brent Austin, Tim Pike, Andrew Scott, Sarah Tait, Graeme Jones, Andrea Chalmers.

South Canterbury / North Otago (SCNO)

Board Member: Peter Mitchell (IS)

ARG members
Chris Dennison, Grant Duff, Roger Lasham, Colin Hurst (IS), David Irving, Hamish McFarlane, Michael Porter, Guy Slater, Michael Tayler, Nick & Michelle Ward, Guy Wigley, Hugh Wigley, Rutherford Wilson, Richard Peckitt.

South Otago / Southland (SOS)

Board Member: Steve Wilkins (IS)

ARG members
Barrie Allison, Robert Auld, Murray Baird, Howard Clarke, Peter Clarke, Robbie Clarke (IS), Chris Dillon, Earl Dillon, John Gardyne, David Henderson, Andrew Horrell, Morgan Horrell, Robert Saunders, Mike Solari, Craig Whiteside (IS).