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About FAR

The Foundation for Arable Research (FAR) is an applied research organisation responsible to New Zealand arable growers. FAR is involved with funding of arable, maize research and technology transfer. The organisation was formed in 1995 and operates under the Commodity Levy Legislation. Every five years FAR holds a referendum of growers. In the 2017 referendum, FAR received 90% support from arable growers, 78% support from maize growers and 66% from cereal silage growers who voted.

What we do

FAR funds, or contributes funds to, research programmes, often in collaboration with government funded organisations or Universities. Involvement in specific research programmes is driven by the interests of the New Zealand growers. Levy funds are also used to secure additional Government funding through programmes such as the Sustainable Farming Fund. Research trial results are communicated through on-farm events, workshops, conferences, publications and the FAR website.

Levies are collected from, wheat, barley, oats, maize, pulses, herbage seeds, brassicas, borage, vegetable seeds and cereal silage.

If you grow any of these crops and would like to receive research updates, event invitations and other industry notifications, please contact us with your details.

How we are funded

An Arable Commodity Levy is collected at the first point of sale for all grain and seed, with the exception of maize which is collected on the seed purchased. Levies are set by the FAR Board each year. The levies for 1 January to 31 December 2021 will remain unchanged from the previous year.

  • Maize: $1.00 per 10,000 seeds purchased.
  • Herbage and amenity seed: 0.9% of sale value.
  • All other grain and seed crops (cereals, pulses etc.): 0.9% of sale value.
  • Cereal silage: $10/hectare.
  • Open pollinated vegetable seed crops: 0.9% of sale value.
  • Hybrid vegetable seed crops: 0.6% of sale value. Onion seed crops will be zero rated.
  • FAR also receives funds from research grants, cooperative research and information sales.

FAR structure

FAR exists to support New Zealand cropping farmers and as such, our organisational structure includes strong grower input at all levels. Growers are represented on our Incorporated Society, Research and Development Advisory Committee, and Arable research Groups (ARGs), ensuring that decisions around research priorities and direction maintain a grower and industry focus.